Introducing the Kids to Courtney Love

So last year when I was back home visiting, I was driving my sister and her kids someplace and a Miley Cyrus song came on the radio. You would have thought that all holy hell was breaking loose in the scramble to change the station. When things finally settled down, I was able to ask her, ”So why no Miley?” (more…)

Drinking to Help Your Marriage

Crassparenting has just won a Top 25 Funny Mom Blog contest. In addition to the countless appeals here and on twitter from a variety of very funny moms, one thing struck me when looking over this talented bunch of women: this is a boozy crowd. I recommend you take a look at the blogs of these funny ladies and you will see what I am talking about: Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine, Moms who drink and swear, Toulouse and Tonic, Somewhat Sane Mom, I like Beer and Babies. (more…)

Does Being a Mom Mean Being Judgemental?

“I heard she hired a nanny even though she doesn’t work full time.”

“They let their child eat McDonald’s every week.”

“I know for a fact that her son doesn’t have a regular bedtime.”

“She yells at her kids all the time. I’ve heard her.”

“Their dad buys them candy all the time.” (more…)

Classic Children’s Books Revisited

I recently moved in with my boyfriend and his daughter. He and his ex-wife each have 50% custody, so I have in effect become a part-time step-mom. There have definitely been the expected ups and downs for both of her and me during the adjustment period, but aside from the tender hugs and affection that can only come from a child who loves you, the highlight for me has definitely been reading books to her at bedtime. (more…)

Fever! Starve it? Feed it? Treat it? What to do?

Ok, what is a fever and why do we get them?  More importantly, what to do?  As with many health issues, the answer to the second question revolves around, “It depends.” Of course, there’s the old saw: Feed a cold, starve a fever.  Is that advice we can trust?

Let’s start with the “executive summary:” (more…)

The Neverending Battle of Girls and Body Image

mirrorA dear friend and nutritionist blogged today about talking to girls about body image. I wish I read this before this past weekend as I am flummoxed about how to navigate talking to girls about weight.  I get my two female cousins a few times a year. Their mom left the family when the girls were babies and they are being raised, incredibly well, by their dad and grandfather. They come to me for girl time. We talk about bras and friendships and boys and nail polish. I love it, and I had them this weekend to go homecoming dress shopping.

The girls are now 16 and 14. The older is tall and very thin, and very athletic. The younger is tall and curvy, and also very athletic. They are both very confident and smart girls, so I was a little surprised to hear them talk about their bodies in such negative ways. (more…)

Top Homework Excuses So Far

My son has been in second grade for three week.s He’s been trying all sorts of creative strategies for getting out of homework. He hasn’t grasped the fact that he’ll never win. I was raised by a veteran teacher and I am not falling for any of this shenanigans. However, I have to admire the creativity of his excuses. I have a few favorites. (more…)

Preschool Rigor

You know what I love about the new school year (besides the quiet time)? I was convinced I was out of topics to write about. Then, BANG, school starts and it’s like a buffet of ideas. The PTA wants your soul. The other parents are crazy. Schools have weird rules. I could write all day if I wasn’t busy daydreaming about buying new boots. My latest source of amusement is the preschool. They’re going through a certification and we had to have a serious meeting. It was not what I expected. (more…)

Baby Popscicles

When it gets nice and cold and the snow is covering the ground, I have a surefire way to make my baby sleep. I wrap him up in a few blankets and pop him out on the front porch for a couple of hours. (more…)

And So it Begins

Last night, I attended the curriculum night for second grade. It had a markedly different vibe than the first grade curriculum night. Within a year, we’ve transitioned from “Take care of my baby” to “What are you doing to prepare the kids for Yale?” (more…)