I wrote about the Fresh Beat Band/Music of Death last week and I did not mention the scandal.Yes, there is a scandal. During season one, the drummer, Marina, was played by Shayna Rose. Then, suddenly, in Season 2, she was replaced by Tara Perry. Some fans are super-angry about it.

Why did Shayna leave? Did she go Bananas? Did KiKi pull a Tanya Harding on her? Did she rebel against that horrid blue costume they forced her to wear? I like to think she came to her senses in the middle of a song one day and ran screaming out of the studio. The official line from the show is that she left to get married and pursue other projects. She has not appeared on gossip sites screaming about a conspiracy, so it’s unlikely that there is much of a scandal.

Shayna has a new project called 2caratsband . It’s a country duo that focuses on being positive role models for young women. I took a look at their website and they look fun. They also manage to look attractive and sometimes sexy without going completely over the top. It’s refreshing.

The band has two videos on the site and have an album in the works. I’m on the fence about the music but I think I might be a bit old for it. The messages are all positive, though and I am very impressed with that. Overall, I’m pretty psyched to see that Shayna escaped the Fresh Beat prison and is doing something more interesting.

There are diehard Shayna/Original Marina fans that want her to come back to The Fresh Beat Band but that does not appear to be likely. She’s got plenty of other music in the works, so they can continue to follow her career in a different format.


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