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I love my kids more then any kids have ever been loved before, but man I wish I could be alone in the bathroom without hearing “Mom what are you doing?” , “Mom, can I put on makeup?” or “Whine, whine, whine” and a narrative on every move I make. Before I had children, I considered showering alone to be a God-given right. Now, it seems to be more of a luxury.

If my children play out eyesight, disaster is sure to ensue. My daughter is four and my son is one and a half. It’s annoying if they are in the room, but if they are out of the room, they play games that are not, perhaps, the best choices. They might play Monkey King, which is a fun game they invented during which jump off furniture with capes on and chase each other with plastic golf clubs. The one-year-old isn’t that coordinated yet, so this game doesn’t always end well.

There are times in your lives when showering alone is a right. There are other times when it is a luxury.

  • When you’re 16 years old and living in your parent’s house it’s a RIGHT.
  • When you are 20 and living in a sorority house or dorm with 50 other girls, it’s a LUXURY (Don’t be a perv, we had partitions).
  • When you are single and childless it’s a RIGHT.
  • When you are a mother of kids who are 3 years old and under, it’s a very rare LUXURY.
  • When kids are over the age of 3, it then becomes a RIGHT.

If any of you have some ideas for me on how I can get a shower on my own without interruption from the children, please let me know! Asking my husband to watch the kids while I shower is an epic fail because they come and find me.

Bad parenting note: I once offered Bailey 2 quarters to watch Bob the Builder with her brother while I showered in peace and that spoiled girl said no! Whats up with that?


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