You wouldn’t know it to look at my credit card statements, but this year Mr. and Mr. Claus were on a budget. The reason: Procreation isn’t cheap when you don’t bring a uterus to the table. I’ve been a little “Bah Humbug” since about late November. The truth is that adoption and surrogacy aren’t cheap you guys, and I’m bummed over the lack of progress we’ve made on our savings. I keep reminding my straight guy friends that they are “on the supply side of babies” and should get out there and make something happen!

I blame the television. If you check out “Modern Family” and “The New Normal” you’d get the idea that gays everywhere can just drop by the Baby’s-R-Us and bring one home with them. These characters are doctors, lawyers and movie executives who probably can just swing by the baby store. I don’t make that kind of scratch and it’s starting to get me down.

Don’t get me wrong, we live well and within our means. We are not house-poor, but we do dine out fairly frequently. Then there’s the cable bill at around $200/month. (god, and for what?!) We have two cars and neither are paid off. This is one of my pain points. I repeat this mantra to my husband regularly: “Don’t you DARE buy a new car.” along with another favorite: “You know we really don’t NEED cable TV.” Thankfully he takes the first one to heart while he seems immune to the second. Perhaps when he sees my credit card bills this month he’ll start chanting with me. (more likely he’ll lecture me on how much I spend on people at Christmas. I might have a problem.)

For now though we are adding what we can to our savings and hopefully Christmas won’t set us back too far. Some of our friends may not realize that since we’ve decided not to go through foster care our expenses are no longer paid by the state and thus our plans are on hold until we can muster up about $18k. Possibly more – Yikes!

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