I’ve written about the placenta-eating trend on this site before. It occurred to me that the reason some people don’t eat it is because it grosses them out. Well, there is a solution to this problem. There are plenty of placenta recipes that can help make the placenta more palatable. In fact, some may be so tasty that the whole family will want some. Here’s hoping you have enough placenta to go around!

  • This website has recipes for a cocktail, spaghetti bolognese (the meat is the placenta) and lasagna. Yum! You’ll also find instructions on dehydrating the placenta so you can add it to meals.
  • Mothering.com has, of course, come through with some awesome placenta smoothie recipes. Berries and placenta are a classic culinary combination.
  • This is a video of placenta recipes. If you watch this video, you only have yourself to blame when your eyeballs fall out.
  • Careful! Graphic pictures are involved! Here are some recipes that include placenta steak, roast and stew.

If you google “placenta smoothie”, you will get many, many recipes for your culinary enjoyment.

You’re welcome.

Picture via Flickr.

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