I don’t really feel one way or another about The Winx Club, which is an Italian animated series that has been adapted for American television. They appear to be fairies who are saving the world or some such nonsense. For whatever reason, it is easy for me to ignore. But, I feel compelled to represent my son who hates that show more than I hate The Fresh Beat Band.

My son hates The Winx Club so much that I secretly think he must be in love with one of them. The hate is an all-consuming thing.

It first began when Nickelodeon constantly began playing this song:

Every time this song came on, he burst into a hot, white rage. I don’t have that much of a problem with the video, other than a couple of key points:

  • The acting is terrible, even for a music video.
  • The actresses are a bit long in the tooth for this nonsense.
  • It sends my son into a borderline tantrum. He’s six years old and he’s getting a little old for tantrums.

My husband and I might have made the problem a smidge worse on Christmas. We have a family tradition of giving White Elephant gifts. We gave him a Winx Club Karaoke microphone that played the song. He took it in pretty good humor. He got the joke. He immediately gave it to his little sister. The problem is, now she plays with it all the time and he’s exposed to the song even more than ever.

I may have to intervene and remove the batteries for his mental health.

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