Vision Forum is a an evangelical, Christian organization that was founded by Doug Phillips, a noted evangelical, conservative Christian. The group is holding a Father-Daughter Retreat that you might want to consider if your daughter is showing signs of rebellion, independence, self-awareness or any other worrisome behavior.

Vision Forum has an interest in father-daughter relationships as they promote a belief system called “The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy“. These include the following: God is masculine, there are strict gender roles for men and women, the father is the head of the household, and the woman is created as a helper to her husband and bearer of children. They also that “it is not the ordinary and fitting role of women to work alongside men as their functional equals in public spheres of dominion.” The same article also says

Until she is given in marriage, a daughter continues under her father’s authority and protection.

So, one can just imagine how this retreat will go:

Here are some of the speakers and what they are presenting:
Anna Sofia Botkin will be speaking, among other things about how

She is grateful for what her father taught her about what it means to be an arrow in her father’s hand, while living under his roof.

Her sister, Elizabeth includes in her biography the following statement:

Through the grace of God, she has been learning over the years how to submit her will to her father and channel her interests into avenues that further his vision. She and her sister serve their father through their interests in filmmaking, orchestral harp, history, music theory and composition, theology, studying speech and deportment, the reconstruction of the West, hospitality, classical piano, the persecuted church, and homemaking.

Becky Morecraft is a published author and teacher. She says

Mrs. Morecraft has taken great delight in using her grammar and writing skills to help her husband, Pastor Joseph Morecraft, edit his papers, lectures, and commentaries. Mrs. Morecraft delights in teaching young women how to use writing as a means of ministry to their family and on behalf of their family.

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