Holly Madison gave birth to her daughter, Rainbow Brite Aurora a couple of few weeks ago and she’s already on the cover of inTouch Magazine debuting her little one.

In the magazine, she talks about her birth and she makes me exceedingly jealous. She’s probably going to get some heat from the natural birth crowd, but she praises her epidural and makes her birth sound sort of fun.

“Just holding her is so much fun,” Holly gushes in the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. “Even the delivery was easy — I was actually laughing as I was pushing!”

Wow. Now, I had an emergency c-section and another c-section. My emergency c-section was due to one of the weirdest complication ever and my subsequent c-section was due to a health problem that was almost as weird. Maybe I’m not one to talk about the birth being fun, but it sounds like it was easy-breezy for Holly. I’m happy for her now that she got out of that Playboy love shack. It sounds like she’s got a happy life going and she says she wants a whole bunch of children.

Moms, are you jealous of her birth or did you have one of those easy ones that make me so envious?


Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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