I love Focus on the Family. Anytime I am looking for an over-the-top column idea, I simply have to check their website, and I quickly find an idea. I found a pleuthora of parenting resources and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you so that you can add them to your library.

1. “Aggressive Girls, Clueless Boys: 7 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son [and 7 Questions to Ask Your Daughter]” by Dennis Rainey. Here is a quote from the book description: “With tween girls entering puberty, what defense does your young son have against their brazen pursuit?” Ah, those poor sexless boys who only want to stay home and study who are are manipulated into sexual hijinks by devilish young girls. It’s a timeless problem.

2. “My Heart’s at Home” by Jill Savage. This book will help you overcome the feminist notions that interfere with your ability to place your priorities in the proper place (at home, building a spiritual sanctuary for your family). This book will help you get past any fancy notions you might have about having your own income or goals or projects like writing a book.

3. “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality” by Joseph Nicolosi and Linda Nicolosi. This book is a loving guide to accepting your child the way that God made him or her. HA! Just kidding. This book is based on clear “research” that will keep your kid on the straight and narrow path to self-loathing. I’m sure Joe and Linda’s kids would feel perfectly comfortable being open and honest with them about any “funny” feelings they might have.

4. “Nobody Told Me” by Pam Stenzel and Melissa Nesdahl. Everyone knows there is only one way to have a passionate, long-lasting marriage. It’s to keep your legs clamped tighter than a steel trap until the vows have been said. This is, of course, perfectly realistic. This book will convince your children to stay sex-free until they meet their God-given partner and this is a totally attainable goal.

5. “Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty” by Dannah Gresh. Girls: they be dressing like whores these days. It’s a sin and it’s making boys sin, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can teach your daughter to stop leading boys down the garden path, so to speak. There is even a 30-day devotional to accompany this book.



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