The mommy board wars get vicious, but there are few topics that are infused with as much vitriol as circumcision. Some mother was clueless enough to ask a question on an anonymous board and chaos ensued. This post is from dcurbanmoms, a mommy board that has an entire board dedicated to nannies (more on that in another post). There was much anger and much posting of statements from medical professionals. That is to be expected. What is not to be expected is how far off the farm some of the responses got. I had a little trouble categorizing some of them because they were so bizarre.

Original Post: My baby will be 14 days old. Will he be fussy the rest of the day, or days following? Could he catch a fever? What sort of post care did you take for your baby?

Key Response: do not read the responses on this board. People will start attacking your choices. Close dcum (dcurbanmoms) now.

This person had key words of wisdom, as a war of epic proportions broke out. I’m not going to offer or support a position either in favor of or against circumcision. I’m just going to say this got way out of hand and a little weird at points.

Rational responses on both sides of the fence:

  • call your dr. or mohel or a good friend and ask
  • Your doctor should be answering these questions for you, and if he/she is not, you should select another provider.
  • any reason you can’t wait until your son is old enough to make the decision himself????

Less measured responses:

  • If you care about your child at all you will not close down this window and will listen carefully when people tell you that you are doing something CRUEL and INHUMANE to your baby child.
  • That poor sweet baby boy. Born so perfect and then mutilated by his parents. Sickening. Please do some research. It is not your decision to make.

 Mini-war: Two people who will never see eye-to-eye

  •  Why on earth do you think you have the right to cut his penis? You disgust me. It brings tears to my eyes to realize that you are ignorantly posting here that you are going to abuse your child this way. PLEASE PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. Poor baby.
    • Your opinion. Personally, you disgust me.
      • Why? What have I done that is cruel, painful or permanently disfiguring for my child? It should be illegal and considered child abuse, just like it is for girls. It’s only because of ignorance that it continues.

Mini-war: Just plain weird

  • I’m pretty sure Americans aren’t known for their sexual prowess. European men, on the other hand, are rarely circumcised and ARE known for being studs.
    • That is SO untrue. Americans win on technique and sexual manners, hands down. It is very individually driven but I find that the bar on what is acceptable and expected in bed is set higher for the American males, much to my delight. I’m European.
      • Really? You must have **** around a lot on both sides of the pond to make such a bold declaration.

People that have gone completely off the farm:

  • Tomorrow I’m going to brand my son with a large cross on his left arm. His dad has one just like it and I don’t want him to wonder why his arm looks different from daddy’s. Plus, if we do it young, he won’t feel the pain as much. Everyone in my culture does this so I don’t want my baby to be left out. What should I do to take care of him? Will be be in pain? They said they use anesthetic before they place the hot metal on him. In my culture they say that it has health benefits and will ward away evil spirits, plus, it will help him keep his arm clean.
  • Men are born imperfect and need to have pieces cut off in order to make them “okay” for women’s standards.
  • Honestly, I think it’s awesome that we subject newborn males to this. Shows them that women are in charge (and genetically superior since we aren’t born flawed this way) from the very start. Circumcision is just radically overthrowing the patriarchy. Take that, men!
  • I am 25 so maybe this is a little late, but I suspect it would be a lot easier to keep my labia clean if I were to just chop off the excess bits. I can do this, right? Like, it’s legal and everything?
  • I would have no problem locking any parent who allows their sons or daughters to be circumcised in prison. No qualms at all.
  • If you don’t mind your child’s penis looking like a deformed scarred stub, go ahead and mutilate him.
  • DH is intact and he says about half of the guys he went to high school with were. No one made fun of anyone for it. Then again, we’re educated and from the northeast, and circumcision is on the decline amongst people like us. Probably circumcised boys will be the ones getting pointed out as unusual in 15 years.

Really weird pro-circumcision arguments:

  • If you don’t mind having your son’s pecker look like a dirty, wrinkled snail, by all mean skip the circumcision.
  • at least he’ll look like everyone else in the locker room, bald and clean–while your poor boy with the dirty, painful, smelly snail, carries his books to school in a European man purse and eats sandwiches made of dry little Zwieback and stinky pickled
    langschanken. “Now is de time vhen ve do ze Schprockets dance….”
  • stink pocket penis no thank you


You can read the original thread here.

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