swimmingWe started my four year old son in swimming lessons at the local rec center. My husband and I had talked about it for months before I finally got around to it. My sister lives in Florida and her two girls are fishes. They swim in their pool almost every day.  So I signed him up for Wee Paddler I.

As background, my son is adventurous. His curiosity has landed into the ER more times than I care to remember. He was leaping from bookshelves while he was still in diapers. The last thing I expected was that he would be afraid of the water. He’s been in pools like kiddie pools or with me in the big pool. But once he was expected to be on his own, he froze. He would come up with a million excuses. My husband and I were perplexed. This just wasn’t like him. Bribery wouldn’t work. Sweet talk wouldn’t work. Stern talk wouldn’t work. We were at a loss. But each week we would go and cajole him into the pool. We never knew how it would go. Some days ok, some days really embarrassingly bad.

Today we had a breakthrough. We are halfway through third time taking Wee paddler I. But after today’s lesson, my son looked at my husband and said “Dad, I think I am getting the hang of it!” Music to my ears. I am trying to hold onto this parenting moment. This was not easy and I didn’t know what to do about his fear. So we just kept trying and let him get over the fear on his own timeline. Hopefully, he’ll remember this confidence next Sunday at lessons. If not, it’s okay. He’s on the right path.

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