My son is heading to second grade this week. My daughter will be starting preschool after Labor Day. This means lots of things. We have to find first day of school outfits, discuss teachers and deal with anxiety. But, there’s another, more substantial project. I like to call it the school supply scavenger hunt.

It seems that the school supply list gets longer and weirder ever year. I remember buying school supplies when I was a kid. They consisted of Elmer’s glue, #2 pencils and a Trapper Keeper. Not so today. The list is novel-length and often contains things I can’t find at Target or Wal-Mart. Thus, I and other parents must go on a scavenger hunt across town to find items like:

  • Tacky glue (I don’t craft so I had no idea what this was).
  • Erasable paint tinted with unicorn tears.
  • Colored pencils that include the colors aubergine, maroon, turquoise, tangerine, cobalt blue and salmon.
  • 26 #2 pencils (no box contains 26 pencils) that are sharpened and blessed with holy water.
  • A pink eraser that is exactly 3 by 1 1/4 inches.
  • 2 red folders with 2 pockets, 1 green folder with one pocket and 3 blue folders with a slick coating.
  • 4 spiral bound notebooks with exactly 86 pages.
  • Sandwich bags, snack bags, gallon-sized bags and possibly lawn and garden bags.
  • The biggest box of tissues you can get your hands on.
  • Every type and shade of Sharpie currently manufactured.
  • A cross-body book bag with double stitched sides.

This is what happens when we vote down school vouchers.



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