was launched in September 2012 by Open Thread Media. We’re a group of bloggers interested in creating a community devoted to discussing the world of parenting with a snarky and irreverent voice. We hope to counter the too often rigid world of mommy blogging with a fresh look at the various trends shaping modern parenting.

It’s a refuge for people who want to discuss parenting in a different way. It is a place to laugh and talk with people who don’t take life too seriously. There is no dogma. No one will lecture you about eating 100% organic food, how long you should breastfeed, what parenting books have the only right ideas or any other rigid parenting idea. You won’t be judged if you let your kids watch TV.

Our content is 100 percent user-generated — because we know our readers have the best insights. The site will allow users to write about and discuss the demands and joys of parenting, as well as the often confusing and exasperating world of parenting trends.

Honesty and snark will be encouraged.

About Open Thread Media

Open Thread Media was founded by a group of like-minded friends interested in publishing a group blog. In 2010 we launched We believe in strong, intelligent web communities bound together by snark and irreverence. Our users are the center of our universe and we create places to share their stories, insights, and opinions. We are not about dictation. We are about conversation.