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Introducing the Kids to Courtney Love

So last year when I was back home visiting, I was driving my sister and her kids someplace and a Miley Cyrus song came on the radio. You would have thought that all holy hell was breaking loose in the scramble to change the station. When things finally settled down, I was able to ask her, ”So why no Miley?” (more…)

Drinking to Help Your Marriage

Crassparenting has just won a Top 25 Funny Mom Blog contest. In addition to the countless appeals here and on twitter from a variety of very funny moms, one thing struck me when looking over this talented bunch of women: this is a boozy crowd. I recommend you take a look at the blogs of these funny ladies and you will see what I am talking about: Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine, Moms who drink and swear, Toulouse and Tonic, Somewhat Sane Mom, I like Beer and Babies. (more…)

Does Being a Mom Mean Being Judgemental?

“I heard she hired a nanny even though she doesn’t work full time.”

“They let their child eat McDonald’s every week.”

“I know for a fact that her son doesn’t have a regular bedtime.”

“She yells at her kids all the time. I’ve heard her.”

“Their dad buys them candy all the time.” (more…)

Monday Open Thread

Just like feeding a h#C9E3C.jpg

Happy Monday and please welcome our refugees from Crasstalk who are waiting out some technical difficulties with us. (more…)

Tuesday Cartoon Break

It’s raining in Gotham today It was supposed to rain in Gotham today, so here is a little cartoon fun to share with the kids. Here are some classics that are still pretty fun for little ones. Don’t forget the “Mommy Juice.” (more…)

New Report Underscores Importance of Safe Medication Storage


This is Medication Safety Week and a new report by Safe Kids Worldwide details just how kids get their hands on potentially deadly medications. Each year more than half a million parents call poison control because their kids have taken medication not prescribed for them and more than 67,000 kids end up in the emergency room. This is a thirty percent increase in ER visits from a decade ago. Scary stuff. (more…)

Monday Parenting Headlines

Here’s a few stories to start off your week.

Cartoon Sunday with the Animaniacs


Happy Sunday! Hopefully you are getting some time to relax around the house with the kids. I thought it would be fun to revisit the animaniacs today. Most younger kids have probably not seen this awesome cartoon, but it is a delight for both the little ones and the grown-ups. (more…)

Flash Back Friday: Schoolhouse Rock Edition


Happy Friday! Over at Crasstalk we often spend Fridays sharing music with each other to get the weekend started right. Today I thought we would do the same here. This week let’s dust off something really cool. If you haven’t introduced your kids to Schoolhouse Rock yet, you should. The songs are fun and energetic, and the cartoons still look pretty good 35 years later. Most of all, it is a great learning tool. (more…)

Dance Moms – We’re Back!

Important Note: Dance Moms recaps are written by the lovely Rowen from and reprinted here for your enjoyment.

Dance momsWelcome back to Dance Moms! I’m excited, aren’t you? Unfortunately, I didn’t have cable last season, so I have no idea what happened. I’m assuming the girls danced and the moms yelled and something, something Maddie, Chloe, drama. Sound about right? Let’s get to the dancing!

Previously on Dance Moms, Kelly left and there was a HUGE audition to replace her kids. Lots of famewhores parents brought their daughters to audition and there was a big ruckus. We end up with a tall, skinny older girl named Allie (Ally?) who has a mom who looks like June from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” (more…)

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