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Colleen Brosnan

My First Baby Was a Canine and I Regret Nothing


About two months after my husband and I got hitched, we got a yellow lab that we named Reilly. We married just as I turned 30 and we knew that we wanted a decent sized family and we had to get moving. Reilly was our ‘trial child.’ We chose that name after a character in one of our favorite books, A Confederacy of Dunces, Ignatius J. Reilly. Ignatius was a man that essentially didn’t grow up and remained dependent on his mother and eventually another character in the book. A perfect name for a dog as a dog will be depending on his people parents for life. But as much as he depended on us, he gave us so much too. It wasn’t until his arrival did my husband and I truly feel like a family. What an amazing gift he gave us.

Yesterday in Slate, a rather disillusioned mother discussed how she regretted getting a dog before kids. She was apparently surprised that her dog would continue to need love and care after she had her children.  Peruse the comments in this article and you will see a lot of hate toward this woman. (more…)

Elmo Gets Off


Kevin Clash, the Muppeteer who created and gave life to Elmo, had three of his court cases thrown out by a judge on Monday. It wasn’t because of lack of evidence, but because the accusers waited too long to bring Clash to court. (more…)

Student Loans Are the Ultimate in Predatory Lending

6304808136_a4465d1240_mToday’s doubling of the government student loan interest rate led to some interesting conversations for me this weekend. A good friend likened those government and private loans to the whole sub-prime mortgage predatory lending scheme: encouraging the loading up of debt by financially unsophisticated people. I think he might be right.

Should Freshman and Seniors Be Able to Date?

freshman and seniors

Back when I was a freshman in high school, my parents would NEVER allow me to date a senior. They felt that a senior boy would be “too mature” for me. Ha! That didn’t stop me. Eventually I got caught and I was grounded because I broke their rules. As for that dreamy 18- year- old boy, my parents called his parents and horribly embarrassed me. His parents told him to leave me be and he did. Sigh. (more…)

College Costs are a Scam?


My oldest daughter is graduating from 8th grade in a couple weeks and moving into her high school years. I’m mentally prepared for her to go into high school, but what makes me nervous is that she is a mere four years away from college. Aside from the fact that I cannot fathom her leaving the nest in such a short time, contemplating the cost of college and the value it will provide her keeps me up at night. That is why I read with interest this morning, a piece from the WSJ’s Marketwatch by Brett Arends on the College-Industrial Complex. (more…)

Dads Take on Labor Pain


I’m not talking about labor as in working, I’m talking about birth pain. Two dads who thought their wives were exaggerating about the pain of childbirth decided to try to experience contractions to prove to their wives that labor wasn’t as bad as they claimed. (more…)

Mommy Wars: Working vs Stay at Home Moms Part 400

follow me mom

This morning on my Facebook page, a dear friend posted a link of a letter a working mom wrote to her daughter (and to the world) in response to her daughter’s question: “do you love work more than you love my brother and me?”  What a gut-wrenching question for a mom to answer. Of course, the mom answered that she loved her kids more than work, but her reasoning just adds some fuel to the working mom/stay at home mom battles.

Just so you know my bias: I am a mom that straddles the working mom/SAHM fence – I work part time, but I view my primary job as being a mother.


Trader Joe’s 5 Item Meals – Spaghetti Carbonara


Ok, I have to confess, there are actually six Trader Joe’s items in this meal, in addition to the pantry items. While my recipe doesn’t call for it, I threw in the pre-chopped up combination of onions, garlic and shallots. I thought the shallots would be such a nice flavor in this carbonara. I was right. This recipe initially intimidated me because of the raw eggs that are stirred into the pasta. However, after learning that the eggs cook if you stir them into piping hot pasta, fresh out of the boiling pot of water, I put away those salmonella fears.


Advice on Getting Through the Last Days and Weeks of Pregnancy

very pregnant woman

Our pal Spirit Fingers over at Crasstalk is on week 39 of her pregnancy. Like most expectant mothers at this stage, she is miserable. She is uncomfortable, anxious, excited and a whole host of other feelings. I’m sure many of us know exactly what she is going through right now. (more…)

Colcannon Soup with St. Patrick’s Day Leftovers


Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish made from mashed potatoes and cabbage or kale.  Considered a filling staple of Irish cuisine, it has loads of butter and cream. Definitely perfect for those damp, cold Spring days in Ireland but given the strange late winter and early spring we’ve experienced  – it would be perfect here too! (more…)

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