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Average Cost of Baby’s First Year by City

cost-of-babys-first-yearThe cost of living has a big impact on what it will cost to raise a child. In the first year alone there are the baby startup costs and many of those depend on where you live. The fine folks at break it down in pie chart and list form. If you’ve never used Redfin it is seriously the greatest real estate search site in existence. If it covers your area give it a try.

Items like housing are obviously location dependent, but childcare and healthcare can also vary based on geography. (more…)

How to Be Successfully Married


In a follow up to how to get your life together in order to meet someone instead of just whining about it, let’s now turn our attention to how to be married and do so successfully. That is should you decide to go that route. These rules also work for long term committed relationships if that’s more your style.

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Celebrity Trend Alert: Stars Eating Placentas in Capsule Form

January_JonesIf you’re a celebrity with child looking to bring some media coverage and holistic health benefits then there is no easier way than ingesting a bit of your own placenta. But these aren’t the truly granola stars who make a Frappuccino out of their appendage, they have someone prepare the bits into pill form for easy ingestion and no aftertaste. Weaksauce. Today’s news brings us two groundbreaking icons of the entertainment world who pop the ‘P’ pills and aren’t afraid to talk about it. (more…)

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