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A Birth Doula’s Role in a Stressful Birth Situation

This post is by an anonymous writer who works as a doula. She has changed names and details for privacy reasons.

It started as a typical hospital labor. Expectant Sandra was sent to the hospital for an induction. The relaxed, silent atmosphere was broken only by heavy breathing through contractions. There was not a whole lot that I needed to do besides offer her water every few contractions, replace the cold face cloth when it became heated on Sandra’s face and apply lip balm when she licked her lips too much. (more…)

Inducing Labor Naturally

“This,” said my husband, “this is what desperation looks like.” He was talking about me at 40 weeks pregnant. We were at a Mexican restaurant. There’s an old wives tale that spicy food will induce labor. I demanded Mexican food. We asked for the spicy salsa but I decided it wasn’t spicy enough. So, we asked the waitress if she had anything spicier. (more…)

Dads Take on Labor Pain

I’m not talking about labor as in working, I’m talking about birth pain. Two dads who thought their wives were exaggerating about the pain of childbirth decided to try to experience contractions to prove to their wives that labor wasn’t as bad as they claimed. (more…)

Colbert Takes on Elimination Communication

You know elimination communication has become a hot trend when Comedy Central takes it on. (more…)

The Sacred Pregnancy Movement

Sacred Pregnancy is a book written by Anni Daulter, a woman who has a child named Lotus. She’s also the editor of Sacred Pregnancy magazine, which I must find a copy of immediately (the current issue has an article on Feng Shui birth which I’m guessing is difficult to pull off in a hospital). She is a member of a Sacred Pregnancy community which involves a number of services in addition to the book and magazine. (more…)

I Wish I’d Had Holly Madison’s Birth

Holly Madison gave birth to her daughter, Rainbow Brite Aurora a couple of few weeks ago and she’s already on the cover of inTouch Magazine debuting her little one. (more…)

Advice on Getting Through the Last Days and Weeks of Pregnancy

Our pal Spirit Fingers over at Crasstalk is on week 39 of her pregnancy. Like most expectant mothers at this stage, she is miserable. She is uncomfortable, anxious, excited and a whole host of other feelings. I’m sure many of us know exactly what she is going through right now. (more…)

Hypnobabies is a Hip Trend

Hypnobabies is about as hip as it gets when it comes to childbirth trends. The course and the business that has grown up out of it are very popular among people who are focused on having an unmedicated birth. (more…)

A New Birth Tourism Trend

Birth tourism has long been a controversial issue in the United States. Any baby born in the United States automatically qualifies for citizenship due to the Fourteenth Amendment. Women from Mexico have attempted to cross the border to deliver their babies in the U.S. so they would qualify for citizenship. (more…)

Become a Doula Through Groupon

Momdoulary, a company in New York, is offering a Groupon for doula certification. Through Momdoulary, you can be certified as a doula for more than half off the regular price!

If you don’t know what a doula is, I’m guessing this is Groupon is not going to encourage you to hire one. According to Doula International, “the word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves” and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.” (more…)