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Introducing the Kids to Courtney Love

So last year when I was back home visiting, I was driving my sister and her kids someplace and a Miley Cyrus song came on the radio. You would have thought that all holy hell was breaking loose in the scramble to change the station. When things finally settled down, I was able to ask her, ”So why no Miley?” (more…)

Classic Children’s Books Revisited

I recently moved in with my boyfriend and his daughter. He and his ex-wife each have 50% custody, so I have in effect become a part-time step-mom. There have definitely been the expected ups and downs for both of her and me during the adjustment period, but aside from the tender hugs and affection that can only come from a child who loves you, the highlight for me has definitely been reading books to her at bedtime. (more…)

Preschool Rigor

You know what I love about the new school year (besides the quiet time)? I was convinced I was out of topics to write about. Then, BANG, school starts and it’s like a buffet of ideas. The PTA wants your soul. The other parents are crazy. Schools have weird rules. I could write all day if I wasn’t busy daydreaming about buying new boots. My latest source of amusement is the preschool. They’re going through a certification and we had to have a serious meeting. It was not what I expected. (more…)

And So it Begins

Last night, I attended the curriculum night for second grade. It had a markedly different vibe than the first grade curriculum night. Within a year, we’ve transitioned from “Take care of my baby” to “What are you doing to prepare the kids for Yale?” (more…)

I Want an Imaginary Friend

My daughter recently acquired a new friend. She is imaginary and her name is Blueberry. They play lots of games and often put on musical productions for my amusement. Blueberry is very compliant and seems to go along with all of my daughter’s ideas. Based on her experiences with Blueberry, I have decided that I want an imaginary friend. (more…)

Pot Calls Kettle Black: When The Pot is Your Parent Criticizing Your Parenting

imageMy Dad was visiting us this week to spend time with my sons – one is almost-5 years old and the other is 2 years old. After a few days, my Dad sat me down to have a talk about how out of control dinner time had become. Let me step back and set up the scenario. Both boys are rowdy. They are loud, full of energy and opinionated. When it comes to food, they can be picky. After too many meals juggling different options, I have since laid down the law and everyone eats the same meal. If it is something completely new, the boys just have to try one bite. Sometimes even getting them to take one bite is a battle. Sometimes it is even a battle when I know they like the food! This was the scene that played out in front of my Dad. (more…)

Appreciating Your Partner Before and After Children

Love relationships inevitably change over time. When you’re with a partner for a long time, you begin to appreciate different things about them There are, of course, the things that get on your nerves, but I’m not going to focus on that today. Instead, I want to talk about what you appreciated about your main squeeze before you had children and what you appreciate about them after the little ones showed up. (more…)

Can Children See Past This World?

Earlier last week there was a discussion on our sister site, CrassTalk, about an article based on a Reddit thread based on the creepiest things your kids have ever said. There are a ton of comments on the thread that will blow your mind. Find articles about the thread though, you’ll be less frustrated. Below is one of the examples of one of the creepy shares. It’s pretty benign comparatively. (more…)

QOTW: When Did You Have/Adopt Your Child(ren)?


At around age 30, some of my friends started to panic.


Adventures in Swimming

swimmingWe started my four year old son in swimming lessons at the local rec center. My husband and I had talked about it for months before I finally got around to it. My sister lives in Florida and her two girls are fishes. They swim in their pool almost every day.  So I signed him up for Wee Paddler I. (more…)