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QOTD: What Do You Find Yourself Saying Repeatedly Summer?

Close the d*mn door. (more…)

QOTD: What Is An Appropriate Vacation For Children?

No, seriously, tell me.  (more…)

QOTW: When Did You Have/Adopt Your Child(ren)?


At around age 30, some of my friends started to panic.


What Did Children Teach You About Your Spouse/Partner?

dad and child

You learn a lot about a spouse or partner over the years together. However, there are some things you don’t learn until you have a child together. There are certain stresses and positive moments that teach you a lot about the person you’re with. (more…)

Your Favorite Birthday as a Kid

birthday cake

Birthdays are so exciting when you are a child. There’s cake, presents and all kinds of excitement. We celebrated my son’s seventh birthday yesterday and he was so excited that he woke up at 6:30 am. That is stunningly unusual for him. (more…)

What’s the Most Shocking Thing Your Child Has Said?


My children love my phone. I let them play with it to distract them all the time. (more…)

Parenting: What Are You Doing Right?

happy kid

Modern parenting is sometimes hard because you get so much information. There are a zillion things you could be doing wrong at any given moment. It’s easy to forget that in the hassle of things, there are many things that you are doing right. (more…)

Would You Renew Your Vows?

renewing vows

Matt Damon and his wife are supposedly holding a huge vow-renewal ceremony. I have to confess that I really don’t understand this phenomenon. The only time I understand a vow-renewal ceremony is when a couple has split up for a while. (more…)

With Which Celebrity Do You Want to “Wife-Swap”?

Get your mind out of the gutter, I don’t mean key party despite the fact I live in Connecticut. I’m referring to the show Celebrity Wife Swap. Apparently Kate Gosselin, mother of eight children, and Kendra Wilkinson Baskett, former girlfriend to Hugh Hefner, swapped lives for a week and hijinks ensued. Yeah, I didn’t watch it either, but it did get me thinking.

It is easy for me to rattle off with whom I wouldn’t want to trade places: any Kardashian (too shallow), Britney Spears (too crazy), Sarah Jessica Parker (her husband strikes me as a weenie), Snooki (enough said), or Rachel Zoe (I don’t care about fashion). Picking who I would swap with is much harder. I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind swapping with Posh Spice – David Beckman is yummy and her boys look like fun. Also, once Princess Catherine pops the heir out, I think I wouldn’t mind being a princess for a week either.

Which celebrity would you trade places with and why? (more…)

QOTW: What Age is Approriate for Children and Funerals?


There’s a fine line to walk when it comes to children and funerals. Obviously, it’s important to make sure the child does not disrupt the service in any way. However, when the child is old enough to behave, the child may be confused or concerned by the service. The child could easily end up with a lot of questions and concerns, especially if it’s the child’s first exposure to a real life death. (more…)