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Female Breadwinners = A Lost Generation

doctor mother

Hey, all you ladies that are stepping up to the plate to feed your families? YOU ARE RUINING AMERICA!

Should Freshman and Seniors Be Able to Date?

freshman and seniors

Back when I was a freshman in high school, my parents would NEVER allow me to date a senior. They felt that a senior boy would be “too mature” for me. Ha! That didn’t stop me. Eventually I got caught and I was grounded because I broke their rules. As for that dreamy 18- year- old boy, my parents called his parents and horribly embarrassed me. His parents told him to leave me be and he did. Sigh. (more…)

Tuesday Parenting Headlines

Tuesday’s parenting headlines are heavy on reality television:

One Million Moms for Gun Control Has a New Name

million mom march

Have you ever been confused by One Million Moms for Gun Control and One Million Moms? They are wildly different causes One Million Moms for Gun Control has rebranded itself to stop the confusion between the two. (more…)

Friday Parenting Headlines

the wonderful wizard of oz

It’s a quiet day on the parenting front. Here’s what I could scrape up: (more…)

Thursday Parenting Headlines

Here are today’s parenting headlines, which feature mostly celebrity gossip: (more…)

Wednesday Parenting Headlines (featuring nude DUI suspect)

toy police car

Today’s parenting headlines have it all: nude drivers, gender reveals and the writer behind The Honest Toddler: (more…)

Tuesday Parenting Headlines

Here’s what’s news in parenting today: (more…)

Monday Parenting Headlines

Here’s a few stories to start off your week.

Is Banning Telecommuting Good for Parents?


The new Yahoo CEO, Marissa Meyer, in a bold move, has decided to ban telecommuting at the company. This is either a great decision or the worst idea in history, depending on who you talk to. (more…)