Welcome to Crassparenting. Please join in our conversation. It is easy and fun.

Crassparenting uses a commenting system called IntenseDebate. It’s not necessarily perfect, but it’s very nice. Many, many sites also use the same system so you can use your Intense Debate ID around the internet.

We have a few rules for commenters. Please go here to read them.


So how do I get started?

To post comments here you MUST create an IntenseDebate account. Using IntenseDebate is easy once you’re set up with a new account.

Here’s how to create a new IntenseDebate account.

How do I get an avatar?

Go to Gravatar and register with the same email address you used for IntenseDebate.

Can I use HTML?

IntenseDebate supports the following HTML tags:
<a href></a> = Used to create a link.
<b></b> = Bolding text.
<i></i> = Italicizing text.
<u></u> = Underlining text.
<em></em> = Italicizing text.
<p></p> = Formats text into a paragraph.
<blockquote></blockquote> = Use when quoting another comment, an article, etc.
<br></br> = Line break.
<strong></strong> = Bolding text.
<strike></strike> = Strikethrough text.
<img src> = Used to add an image.

How do I bold, underline or italicize text?
 Using one of the formatting features listed above, you would put the text in between the code. For example, if you want to italicize something, you would type “I want to <em>italicize this text</em>,” which would appear as “I want to italicize this text.”

How do I add an image?
To post an image in your comment, use the following example: <img src=”image URL goes here” />.

How do I add a link?You can either copy the link and paste it into the comments directly, or if you want to add text to it, use the following example: <a href=”URL goes here“>I love this site.</a>

Image via  deanwissing on Flickr.

Commenting Rules

These rules for commenting should help everyone have a fun, productive and enlightening time on Crassparenting. To make this clear, yes, we are oppressing you and trampling your freedoms just by having these rules.

  • Be respectful of other commenters and authors.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No promotion of illegal activities.
  • Photos posted in comments must not contain nudity.
  • Comments containing animated gif images must go in a reply.
  • Good grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization are expected. Yes, we all make mistakes, but that’s different than purposely ignoring the rules. Capslackers have been warned.
  • Don’t be needlessly argumentative. Going out of your way to argue with others for no reason or carrying on an argument just to get the last word in creates a bad atmosphere and makes people not want to come back.
  • Arguments about the decisions of the moderators or admins about these rules will not be indulged.
  • No commercial solicitations or announcements. If you need to buy ad space, ask us. Otherwise, take that over to Etsy.
  • No solicitations of donations. If a worthy 501(c)3 needs publicity, bring it to the attention of an author.

Any commenter who violates these guidelines will receive at a minimum a 24 hour suspension from the site. We reserve the right to permanently ban anyone who, in the opinion of the site moderators and admins, doesn’t contribute positively to the overall experience of using Crassparenting. All decisions of the moderators and site admins are final.